Molly Baney Golf Instruction

Excerpt From Trump:  The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received 

By Molly Baney
Golf for Women Magazine Top 50 Teacher
I could have saved years of effort if only someone had told me in the beginning to do five things:

1. Count the Cost

The time, physical energy, practice, money, and emotional energy that are required
to build a golf game are usually underestimated even by great athletes who take up the game.
Be prepared for a process that takes lots of time, patience, and perseverance.

2. Seek an Excellent Golf Teaching Professional

Build your game right the first time with a teacher who will create a golf swing that is built to
last.  This takes more effort at first, but it is worth it in the long run. Many golf teachers simply
"Band-Aid" your game until it falls apart again. You can waste years with Band-Aids and quick
fixes, only to be filled with anguish and frustration. There is only a small percentage of teaching
professionals who understand cause and effect and can build a solid golf swing from the
ground up. A swing that offers maximum consistency and power. A swing customized to your
individual body type, learning style, personality, and fitness level. A swing that begins with
excellent fundamentals in the preswing foundation of alignment, grip, ball position, stance,
and balanced posture.

3. Practice Fundamentals Until You Develop Mastery

Don't take up the game if you do not have the time to practice. Practice can be as simple as
twenty minutes a day in your backyard hitting plastic golf balls. In your living room, you can
practice the fundamentals of grip, alignment, posture, and preswing setup routines. A golf
professional who builds your game from the ground up will give you drills to practice. You don't
always have to be at the driving range to make progress with your game. The important thing
is to practice drills consistently.

4. Visualize Your Success

To reach your goals at the fastest rate, spend time each day thinking about playing the golf of
your dreams. Imagine the future reality you wish to experience while playing golf. Picture your
ideal golf swing, ideal round of golf, low scores, and tournament wins. Celebrate it as if it has
already happened.

5. For Maximized Performance, Use the Best Equipment

After building the fundamentals of your golf swing, seek a certified professional club fitter and
purchase custom-fit golf clubs. In addition to your golf clubs, consider the fifteenth club in your
golf bag which is your "Golf Body." Maximize your potential as a golfer by following a customized
golf fitness and flexibility program as outlined by a certified golf fitness expert or physical therapist.

In Addition:  I currently teach eight different swing types/ models.  I aim to be like an Auto Mechanic who can "Build and Repair" both "Foreign AND Domestic"  models of cars.  These swing types include a variety of Two-Plane Swings, One-Plane Swings and "others:"

*Mike Adams & Dr. Jim Suttie  "LAWS" Of Golf Swing Types:  Arc, Leverage (wide version) and Width.  (Two-Plane Swings)
*Narrow-Compact Leverage (Two-Plane Swing)
*Three types of One-Plane Swings
*Stack and Tilt type Swing
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